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The Deep Net/ Web | The Underworld of the internet!

Basic Understanding:


Have you ever heard of the deep net? (Just Scroll Down to know more)

It’s a secret part of the Internet that you need a special browser for so it can’t track your
location or IP. And the URLs arn't normal. They’re heaps of letters so 
no one can track
the sites lol. But Is like the underworld of the Internet. This place called silk road where
you can buy any drug imaginable. And you pay with it 
with bittorrance money or
something so it’s not tracked. And you can hire hitmen. All these odd stories.
Child trafficking. Child porn. Animal cruelty It’s pretty 
much where all the sick creeps go
to play. The site called hidden wiki has most of these links. and government info and
mafia stuff. 

Haven’t read much more about it but it seems scary that there are these types of
websites that have to be hidden and what capable people there are out there. 
So disturbing. You can pretty much buy and sell anything that’s illegal. Guns. Drugs.
People. Organs. Learn to make bombs. Best ways to kill people.

Did you ever see the Matrix films? Some people are calling it the darknet or darkweb
but the real name for it is the Deepnet. 
The Deep net is a part of the internet that can’t
be accessed by the general public and can’t be found in search engines like Google.
It’s a secret part of the 
internet that can only be accessed by a certain network of people.
The Deepnet although pretty secretive is almost 5 times bigger than the whole of the
public internet and filled with lots more information useful for hackers, 
researchers and
scientists alike. 
Although it does have it’s useful points there’s also much darker parts of
the Deepnet, prostitution rings, hackers, drug dealing websites and assassins for hire. 
It can be a very dangerous place which is why staying anonymous and never giving away
 your details is highly important, we’re talking about the sickest people 
around as well as
some of the best hackers on the planet. 

You must connect through a proxy and then connect to the Tor network. You can connect
 to the Tor network by using a web browser plugin or the Incognito OS 
‘Tails’ which is
used by the armed forces etc when they need a secure encrytped connection. 
connecting to the Deepnet and discovering the secret internet 5 times bigger than the
‘surface internet’ please be sure to read up on the following very 

Although the Deepnet is quite a weird place and can be scary at the same time it does
have a wealth of useful information in it, it’s something I’d strongly 
recommend to anyone
that has the guts for it and/or curiosity to learn more.

( source- ) 



Some of you may have hear of the Hidden Wiki and may have been curious on how to
access it. Well the hidden wiki belongs to the Deep Web. When you are 
browsing the
internet it has been said it is like skimming the 
top of the ocean with a net. If you want
access to what's below the surface read on. To give you 
an idea of how massive this
section of the web is imagine this, it has been estimated the deep web consists of 7,500
Terabytes while the surface web consists 
of 167 Terabytes. Granted most of the deep
web is just useless backdoors of information. Here's the good stuff. 

1) Download and install Firefox if you don't have it. 

2) Then go to and 
download the web add-on Tor. 

3) Ok, now you should be able to go in the Tor folder and it will say Start Tor Browser,
before you do this make sure 
you have all firewalls onyou turn javascript and 
cookies off (go to tools then options and it will be under the content and privacy tabs). 

4) I recommend installing a good anti virus program. Personally I've never had a problem
with supposed hackers but hey better safe than sorry. 

5) Now you are ready, when the Tor box opens click "Use A New Identity",
this will give you 
a new ip (proxy).

You're now ready to explore the deep web, pretty much everything you can buy
on the deep web accepts
Bit Coins only. It's not that crazy if you don't know where to
look cause remember its hidden. 

Tor sites use a
.onion domain that only works in Tor.
A good starting point would be the hidden wiki which is located 
[ http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/ ]

A lot of these sites go down occasionally and sometimes come back up. There's a lot of
stuff to do here and personally I think it's pretty cool. If you don't think 
you can handle all
the things the deep web offers responsibly then don't go on it. Note that it does have
some not so great stuff, including some fucked up 
porn that I would avoid at all costs.
Trust me. 
But if you don't go looking for it you probably won't find it.

If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to ask and I'll help you out. 



1. How To Find Active Onion Sites & Why You Might Want To:

2. Watch video for instructions:

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